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*Biscuit Update*

As of July, Biscuit successfully completed all of his major surgeries to help repair his underdeveloped urinary system as well as reconstructive procedures to prevent future complications! Biscuit was a champ through it all…
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Biscuit Needs Our Help

Regardless of age, adoptability, or prior medical conditions, Animal Advocates works tirelessly to save the lives of as many animals as possible.  Animal Advocates is an all volunteer organization, with…
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Surviving & Thriving

Thanks to our Volunteers and Donors, we have emerged from the last two years stronger than ever to carry out our mission! You can download a copy, or read each animal’s story individually below.

Long Live Maggarooo!

Remembering Maggie: From a Life Worth Saving to a Life Well Lived The young lab mix was found wandering an industrial park in Ohio and taken to a low adoption…
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Chloe Comes In

Chloe was tied outside on a rope virtually all the time, bored and lonely. The situation didn’t rise to the legal level of animal abuse; she had a table for shelter and a bowl that sometimes held water. But for a bright little dog like Chloe, the loneliness hurt as much as being abused.

Atlas, Loved

After being abandoned in an apartment, sweet and friendly Atlas is looking for a long-term caregiver The intake call was not an unusual one. A building manager needed help with…
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A Brief Ray of Sunshine

In his short time with Animal Advocates, Raymond found love of his own, and had an outsized impact

Compassion in Action

For nearly 40 years, Animal Advocates has been committed to the principles of its founders. Starting in 1984, Animal Advocates’ founders sought to educate and raise public awareness on the…
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Sept/Oct 2022 – Newsletter

Kitten Couples are Ready to be Re-homed This loving, playful, and friendly group of kittens are searching for forever homes! Slippers has an outgoing and friendly personality, always hopping on…
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Make a Fashion Statement that Helps Animals!

July / August 2022 Newsletter WE’VE GOT MERCH! We are excited to have a limited supply of colorful new Animal Advocates t-shirts available for sale for $25 each on our website. Order yours…
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