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Senior to Senior Foster Program

At Animal Advocates, we believe the relationship between a human and companion animal is an important bond that improves the physical and social well-being of individuals – regardless of age! As studies have consistently shown, sharing your home with a companion animal can significantly enhance the physical and emotional health of the caretaker. This is especially true for senior citizens who live alone. Yet, many seniors spend their golden years without the companionship of a cat or dog, even if they love animals and have shared their home with many over the years.

Taking these concerns to heart, Animal Advocates developed a long-term foster care program connecting senior citizens with senior animals. We believe the companionship, love and care-giving will bring joy into both lives!


Like any foster program, legal “ownership” of the animal remains with Animal Advocates. Fosters are not adopting the animal. As long as the foster adheres to the requirements, the program is intended to be a permanent placement for the animal.

Applicants Responsibilities:

  • Be at least 65 years old and do not have other animals.*
  • Be physically and cognitively capable of basic animal care, such as: meal schedules, ensuring a safe and clean environment (indoors only for cats), appropriate levels of socialization for the animal and litter box scooping or dog walking/exercise.
  • Complete an online application, interview with a team member and agree to a home inspection.
  • Sign an agreement and liability waiver.
  • Adhere to the Foster Care for Life Agreement and requirements set forth by Animal Advocates.
  • Live within a reasonable distance of Pittsburgh, PA (Animal Advocates’s location).

* Exceptions may be granted to these requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Animal Advocates Responsibilities:

  • Assume the costs for all veterinary care and expenses, including transportation and scheduling, if needed.
  • Provide the basic supplies a new animal needs (food bowls, toys, leash, litter box, etc.).
  • Provide food, treats and litter.
  • Accept the animal back as soon as possible — either permanently or on a temporary basis — once notified that the foster is no longer able to provide care.


If you or someone you know could benefit in participating in the Senior to Senior Foster Program, please complete an application. Please call 412-928-9777 or email animaladvocatespgh294@gmail.com for more information or questions.

Senior to Senior Foster Application

Once the application is reviewed, an interview and home inspection is made to ensure your home will be appropriate for a cat or dog. Please understand that not all applicants will be accepted for this program. Decisions are made based on what is best for the animal.

Note: Animal Advocates’s Senior to Senior Program does not currently operate in partnership with other rescue organizations nor are animals placed in foster homes outside of the region or beyond a reasonable travel distance of Pittsburgh, PA.