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Thrift Shop | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Accelerating Our Success

Our Thrift Shop is the engine that powers the Animal Advocates bus.

The Animal Advocates Thrift Shop has always been big advantage for our small, all-volunteer organization. But over the last few years, our dedicated shop volunteers have kicked things into a higher gear.

Always a differentiator, albeit a sporadic source of funding for our rescue operations, a new level of focus and organization has turned our charming little Thrift Shop into a consistent and critical contributor to the execution of Animal Advocates’ mission. 

Led by volunteers Rachel, Donna, Julie and Barb, the shop team has instituted a series of regular ‘Sunday Super Sales’ that promote steep discounts. The Sunday sales originated when the shop volunteers realized sales on that day were typically slow. 

Held periodically, these coordinated sales have proven far more successful than a typical Sunday at the shop. Even with the 50% markdowns, the Super Sales have raised critical funds that help us tackle complex cases like Biscuit’s.

“It’s really amazing how much we sell at 50% off!” said Rachel. “People love a bargain and helping the animals at the same time – it’s a win-win for everyone!”

While the sales at our physical shop have been amazing, 2023 has also seen the growth of our online sales thanks to a pair of savvy and dedicated volunteers Nadia and Donna.

Nadia has set up two online sites – one on Depop and another on Poshmark – with all proceeds going to Animal Advocates. Nadia now has more than 300 items for sale across her sites.

“Selling online is a good way to create more awareness and advertising for the organization,” said Nadia, who also volunteers at Advocates with her two daughters. Every time I make a sale online I get so excited!”

Shop Volunteer Donna started selling items on eBay after noticing that some expensive items were being sold below their value due to the Thrift Shop’s limited customer base.

“I have sold on eBay for many years and thought it would be good to sell some of these items online with eBay,” said Donna. “We started selling on eBay in March of 2023 and have done well. The items are being sold for a higher value due to the large eBay customer base.”