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Catching Up | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Where Are They Meow?

Catching up with a few of the animals that we have rehomed over the years

While dozens of cats pass in and out of Animal Advocates in any given year, there are some that create a lasting impression. Let’s catch up and see how things are going for some of the animals we’ve rehomed.

A Whole Kitten Kaboodle

These five kittens found with their mama living in a barn, and their eyes had been infected beyond the point where the condition could be cured; there was concern a few of the kittens might have to have an eye removed because of the seriousness of the infection. However, with follow-up vetting and intense and consistent medication by their fosters, all of the kittens saw improvement — some to almost normal vision — and happily, all have been adopted into loving homes.

Atlas Found His Way

Atlas came to our rescue in October 2022 after being abandoned in an apartment. Other than being frightened, Atlas seemed fine, young and healthy; it was quite a shock to find he had a very serious heart condition.

Most kittens born with this condition do not live more than a few months. Now, a year later, where is Atlas? We are delighted to report he is in a home with devoted foster parents and a group of other felines that have accepted him. In short, Atlas is living his best life!

Eddie’s Best New Life

Senior Shih Tzu Eddie came to us with a matted, dirty, overgrown coat after his elderly guardian passed away. The initial call was a request for help finding a place to have him euthanized. He had
been confined in a crate for months, but when we met Eddie he greeted us with a wagging tail and was happy to walk around. Two years later Eddie is still with his senior-to-senior foster ‘mom’, and he brings joy to the people who care for him.

One Tough Coconut

After a few days with Animal Advocates, Coconut began periodically exhibiting aggressive behavior towards the cat caregivers to the degree that interactions with Coconut were limited to certain individuals. Based on his behavior at his previous shelter, we thought Coconut could benefit from behavior modification techniques and a cat behaviorist volunteered her time to work with him and instruct a group of cat volunteers on techniques. It took some time to changes Coconut’s behavior, but he was ultimately adopted by a family who loves white cats and were willing to understand and accept his quirks.

Doing Right by Duey

Animal Advocates’ stands by its pledge to always take adopted animals back if the situation changes and the adopter can no longer provide care. Such was the case with Duey, who was adopted as a kitten almost 10 years ago. Duey was surrendered when he started exhibiting agitated behavior soon after the addition of a second young child to the family. A vet check indicated Duey had fairly severe dental disease which, the vet advised, meant he had chronic discomfort. Duey’s dental issues were addressed and after allowing some time to recover and decompress, Duey has now nicely settled into his new home.

Ana Finds a Family

Found outside with seven kittens, Ana was trying her best to take care of the babies and herself. Animal Advocates and a foster family came to the rescue and once the kittens were old enough, they were adopted quickly. Ana, however, was a bit of a challenge as she tried her best to escape her confines by pushing out a screen and planting herself in a third-floor gutter. After two years as an AdvoCat, we are thrilled to report Ana has found her forever home with a family who has given her time to adjust. Ana is doing great and has even become friends with the resident feline.