35 Wabash St. PO Box 8480, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Available Pets

Thank you for considering a rescue cat or dog from Animal Advocates! Please review the adoption guidelines below and complete an online application. We get to know the pets’ personalities and needs very well, striving to make the best possible match for both animals and adopters. Please contact us with any questions at animaladvocatespgh@live.com or 412-928-9777.

Adoption Guidelines

  • Before scheduling a meet-and-greet with one of our adoptable cats or dogs, you must complete an application and interview with an adoption team member.
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • All animals in your home must be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed / neutered.
  • If you rent, we will need a copy of your lease stating the landlord permits pets along with the landlord’s contact information.
  • We do not place animals as gifts for others.
  • Adopted animals must be kept as indoor companions.
  • We reserve the right to perform a home visit.

Adoption Application

Complete a Cat Adoption Application

Complete a Dog Adoption Application

Requested Adoption Donations

  • Young (year or younger): $100 kitten – $225 puppy
  • Adult (year or older): $80 cat – $180 dog
  • Senior (10 / 8 years or older): $60 senior cat – $90 senior dog
  • Discount for adopting a pair – ½ off the adoption fee of the second cat or dog.

We aim to provide high quality care for the well-being of rescued cats and dogs until they are placed in forever homes. All animals are regularly vet checked, fully vaccinated, spayed / neutered and microchipped. They are routinely treated for fleas and worms as well as any medical issues.