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Volunteer Voices | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

It Takes a Village We couldn’t exist without or volunteers, but it turns out they get something out of it too! As a 100% volunteer run animal rescue organization, it’s…
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Catching Up | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Where Are They Meow? Catching up with a few of the animals that we have rehomed over the years While dozens of cats pass in and out of Animal Advocates…
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Thrift Shop | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Accelerating Our Success Our Thrift Shop is the engine that powers the Animal Advocates bus. The Animal Advocates Thrift Shop has always been big advantage for our small, all-volunteer organization.…
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Frank’s Journey | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Frank Just Needs a Friend With a big heart and even bigger emotions, Frank just needs someone to love. If you visited the Animal Advocates Thrift Shop in 2023, there’s…
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Brave Biscuit | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

The Best of Us Biscuit’s case tested the strength of Animal Advocates, and in turn brought out the best of in the organization. When Biscuit first came into Animal Advocates’…
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*Biscuit Update*

As of July, Biscuit successfully completed all of his major surgeries to help repair his underdeveloped urinary system as well as reconstructive procedures to prevent future complications! Biscuit was a champ through it all…
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Biscuit Needs Our Help

Regardless of age, adoptability, or prior medical conditions, Animal Advocates works tirelessly to save the lives of as many animals as possible.  Animal Advocates is an all volunteer organization, with…
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Surviving & Thriving

Thanks to our Volunteers and Donors, we have emerged from the last two years stronger than ever to carry out our mission! You can download a copy, or read each animal’s story individually below.

Long Live Maggarooo!

Remembering Maggie: From a Life Worth Saving to a Life Well Lived The young lab mix was found wandering an industrial park in Ohio and taken to a low adoption…
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Chloe Comes In

Chloe was tied outside on a rope virtually all the time, bored and lonely. The situation didn’t rise to the legal level of animal abuse; she had a table for shelter and a bowl that sometimes held water. But for a bright little dog like Chloe, the loneliness hurt as much as being abused.