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Frank’s Journey | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

Frank Just Needs a Friend

With a big heart and even bigger emotions, Frank just needs someone to love.

If you visited the Animal Advocates Thrift Shop in 2023, there’s a good chance you’ve met Frank. He’s in the midst of his third stint as our resident shop cat, a simultaneously record-setting and dubious honor. In fact, poor Frank has been adopted and returned four different times.

He was originally surrendered to Animal Advocates from a vet tech who had adopted him and his littermate when they were kittens. They lived in a household of other cats, dogs and birds. After about a year, Frank became somewhat aggressive towards his brother. The vet tech tried various techniques but was at her wits end. Eventually, she asked Advocates to help her rehome him.

We offered a courtesy post and eventually took him in in August 2019. He was then adopted in November of that year, but after a short time was returned as the adopter said the resident cat would not accept Frank.

He was quickly adopted again in January 2020, but was returned in about 6 months after the family had a baby, which seemed to agitate Frank. For those that have gotten to know Frank over the years, these stories aren’t altogether surprising. 

“Frank is like a feline manifestation of the Sour Patch Kind candy – both sweet AND sour,” said Mark, a regular cat care volunteer. “He can be so sweet, and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap and being brushed. But when it’s time to leave, he becomes sour, even nipping at my ankles in protest.”

Frank was adopted AGAIN in August of 2020. That adoption seemed like a good fit for several years, until the adopter reported Frank was acting out by nipping and scratching walls. Again, he returned to Animal Advocates. He was back for only a short time before he was adopted a fourth time in January of 2023. Sadly, that adoption only lasted a few months as the adopter did not feel they could give him the attention he needed. He’s been the official Thrift Shop cat since his return earlier this year.

“Frank is a good cat with a good heart,” Mark added. “He’s almost like an old friend at this point. But really, he just needs someone who can love him as strongly as he will love them.”

A handsome boy with rare ticked tabby fur and a short tail, Frank just needs to find the right fit. He’s in search of a homebody that he can have all to himself, someone who doesn’t mind a little brown shadow following them as they move through their day.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, Frank would love to meet you and finally find his forever home.