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*Biscuit Update*

As of July, Biscuit successfully completed all of his major surgeries to help repair his underdeveloped urinary system as well as reconstructive procedures to prevent future complications! Biscuit was a champ through it all – winning over the hearts of the veterinarian staff at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.  We are grateful for the excellent care and compassion the staff at PVSEC have offered Biscuit. He has shown improvement in knowing when his bladder is full. Over the course of the next month, Biscuit will undergo a round of medications to help improve his bladder and other muscle control. Paws crossed, Biscuit is finally on the road to recovery!  Please stay tuned on our website for updates on when Biscuit will be eligible for adoption.

While Biscuit is over the major hurdles of surgery, it has come at huge financial cost to our small, all volunteer organization. If you can donate to help with the cost of his care, Biscuit and Animal Advocates needs your support.  Helping Biscuit, helps Animal Advocates assist more animals like him who are in desperate need of care.