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Biscuit Needs Our Help

Regardless of age, adoptability, or prior medical conditions, Animal Advocates works tirelessly to save the lives of as many animals as possible. 

Animal Advocates is an all volunteer organization, with no compensated staff members, which enables us to direct 100% of all funding toward rescued pets, like Biscuit, veterinary care, medications, food and supplies.  Biscuit was surrendered to another shelter with his mother and siblings. All of the other puppies in the litter and mama found homes, but not little Biscuit. This is because in addition to being a “regular” puppy – bounds of energy, snuggly and a little mischievous – Biscuit also has a unique condition and lacks a fully formed urinary system and no tail.  Following the guidance of veterinarians, Biscuit requires costly specialty surgeries to correct urinary incontinence caused by the condition.  

Animal Advocates is committed to ensuring Biscuit receives any necessary medical treatments and other care he may need to live a happy and healthy life. We invite you to join in our mission of compassion in action – please donate to Biscuit’s care today! Every donation will make a big difference in the life of this puppy.  Biscuit may be missing a tail, but if he had one you can be sure it would be wagging at the speed of light while he gives you puppy kisses!