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Surviving & Thriving

2022 Animal Advocates Fundraising Appeal

The 2022 Animal Advocates Annual Appeal Letter, “Surviving & Thriving”. Download a PDF copy here.

Thanks to our Volunteers and Donors, we have emerged from the last two years stronger than ever and better equipped to carry out our mission! You can download a copy of our 2022 Appeal, or read each animal’s story individually below.

Compassion in Action

For nearly 40 years, Animal Advocates has been committed to the principles of its founders. Rescue stories like those of Raymond, Atlas, Chloe and Maggie reveal the meaning of compassion in action.

A Brief Ray of Sunshine

Raymond was rescued from the January cold by dedicated volunteer Rachel, who spotted a dirty, distressed and disoriented orange cat in a driveway and took him inside.

Chloe Comes In

Chloe’s situation didn’t rise to the legal level of animal abuse; she had a table for shelter and a bowl that sometimes held water. But the loneliness hurt as much as being abused.

Atlas, Loved

Atlas’ initial vet exam revealed a heart murmur and cardiac malformations. While Atlas’ journey with Animal Advocates is not what was initially expected, the rescue is committed to finding him a home, for however long he has left.

Long Live Maggarooo!

Maggie was a beautiful dog –  statuesque and nicely muscled with a sleek, shiny black coat. Yet at heart she was mostly a sweet goofball. We share this in memory and honor of a wonderful dog, and her equally wonderful guardian.