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Brave Biscuit | Animal Advocates 2023 Appeal

The Best of Us

Biscuit’s case tested the strength of Animal Advocates, and in turn brought out the best of in the organization.

When Biscuit first came into Animal Advocates’ orbit, the original foster plea sent on his behalf included the following passages:

He was turned in to a shelter with his mother and siblings. They’ve all found homes, he has not … He has no fully formed urethra (he squats and pees like a girl) and he has no tail. The shelter felt they would be unable to place him for adoption and they dreaded the thought of ending his life. He’s not hurting, he’s lively and playful … We don’t know what, if any, medical procedures might be needed in the future … He may be missing a tail, but if he had one you can be sure it would be wagging at the speed of light while he gives you puppy kisses.

Thus began one of the most trying but exhilarating rescue stories in our recent memory. The first step was finding a foster home that was willing to deal with Biscuit’s extra special needs while a medical plan was formulated. Thankfully, dedicated volunteer Barb Prevost and her family stepped in to care for him.

“We brought little four-month-old Biscuit home in May,” Barb recalled, “and then proceeded on a journey of vet visits and surgeries.”

While in Barb’s care, Biscuit required diapers while inside the house. To see such an adorable puppy in his little white diaper would make you smile immediately at the visual, before the underlying reality would sink in and the weight of sadness inevitably dragged down the corners of your grin. But Biscuit never felt bad for himself.

“He handled his diaper routine with calm acceptance,” Barb said. “Everyone on our street who had a dog knew Biscuit. He greeted everyone with joy and playfulness. He made human and dog friends wherever we went.”

Eventually, a medical plan was finalized; at least one major surgery would be required. While Barb and her family dealt with the day-to-day reality of Biscuit’s issues, the rest of the Animal Advocates family got to work on awareness and fundraising.

Everyone on our street who had a dog knew Biscuit. He greeted everyone with joy and playfulness. He made human and dog friends wherever we went.”

– Barb Prevost, Biscuit’s Foster Mom

Flyers were distributed at local events. Email campaigns were sent on repeat. Multiple fundraising events were held. First at Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Mount Washington thanks to a volunteer connection, and then the ‘Stay Golden’ Charity walk hosted by local Hallmark stores. Biscuit made appearances at both, warming hearts and working the room like a little furry politician. Everyone loved him.

Those events, which featured amazing collaboration among many volunteers, raised thousands that helped ease the financial burden on Animal Advocates. Two surgeries later, Biscuit’s condition was much more manageable, but could not be completely resolved. Everyone crossed their fingers, hoping that a special family would appear and give Biscuit the loving forever home he so deserved.

Then, in late August, an adoption application was filed. The family, located two hours north of Pittsburgh, had researched his condition and made the decision, as a family, to give him a loving home.

On September 3rd, Barb and her husband packed 10-month-old Biscuit and all his toys, blankets, diapers, beds and food into the car and headed North. When the family met him, it was love at first sight. They’re even working to get Biscuit trained and certified as a therapy and emotional support dog.

“He now has 120 acres to roam with his new family,” Barb said with a smile. “He has made friends with the barn cats and loves the chickens, horses and cows, and he loves riding the quad with his new dad.”

It’s special to meet a spirit that so universally bring joy to those it meets. It’s ever more rare to meet one like Biscuit, who not only brings joy, but draws out the best in each and every path he crosses.

Added Barb: “We could not have asked for a better outcome for this special dog.” Special, indeed. Thanks Biscuit!