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Many Paws, One Heart Support Animal Advocates’ Mission of Love

November 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Tis’ the season of giving and love! This time of year, possibly the best thing you can gift is your support to Animal Advocates. There are many ways to support our mission of love and help animals in need.  Outlined below are upcoming events, donation drives and other exciting…
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Tight-knit Fire Cats Mama and Pepper are Shy, Loyal and Loving

September / October 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Long time Animal Advocates supporters may remember the story of our “Fire Cats” who survived a house fire, and the subsequent success stories of Peggy, Oreo, Scarlett and others. We’d like to introduce you to Mama and Pepper, our two remaining Fire Cats. It’s been almost three…
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Senior Siblings Zoe and Clyde Seek a Retirement Home

August 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Brother and Sister Zoe and Clyde are seeking a foster or forever “retirement” home! The cats are littermates and have been together for their entire 17 years as the faithful companions to a woman who recently passed away. Clyde and Zoe still have a lot of love to give! They…
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Fourth of July and Summer Tips for Pet Owners

July 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter We’re all looking forward to the 4th of July this year, and probably more than usual based on the past year’s events. But remember that your big holiday barbecue may not be the best place for your best friends. Here are some tips and reminders from the ASPCA that will…
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Are your Pets Prepared for Flea and Tick Season?

June 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter As the weather gets warmer and Summer begins peeking around the corner, many people like to get outside and bring their furry friends along with them. However, some not-so-friendly foes, otherwise known as fleas and ticks, tend to have the same idea. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has…
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Shy but Sweet Lucy is looking for a New Job – Are you Hiring?

May 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Meet Lucy! Lucy has been the best “co-worker,” living at a local business in the West End neighborhood of Pittsburgh, keeping the employees entertained with her feline antics! Since the business has been recently sold, Lucy is on the market to find new “employment” – could it be at…
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Two Playful Pit Bulls and a Tiny Terrier Need your Help

April 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Sadie is a beautiful, loving and playful 4 year old female Pit Bull. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. Sadie comes to us from a caring family, but is now in need of a new home due to a divorce, moving, and new jobs. Sadie loves people of all…
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The AdvoCats get Glamour Shots

Our Photogenic Felines get the Professional Photography Experience Recently, Heather Tabacchi Photography came by Animal Advocates to for a photo shoot of our beautiful animals! The results were fantastic, as our already photogenic bunch of felines and dogs look spectacular when paired with a professional touch! Check out the results below!

Adoption Spotlight: Sweet Sambuca Seeks Snuggles, Stability

March 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter When Sambuca came to Animal Advocates, she arrived with a different and slightly disconcerting name: Wild Child. It’s always wise to approach a new cat with caution, but that takes on new meaning with a name like that. While she may have been a Wild Child when she was…
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Special Needs Pup Blu Requires Special Care

February 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter Blu is a sweet, friendly little one with some special needs. At just a few weeks old, little Baby Blu was abandoned on a country lane in a box full of comforters. Blu has a condition called cerebellar hyperplasia that makes him a little bit clumsy. It is not painful,…
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