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A pair of black cats need Valentine’s Day love!

February 2022 – Animal Advocates Newsletter

Seems as though everyone is looking at or for something red for Valentine’s Day. Red hearts on cards, red candies, red roses, red sleepwear.

How about something adorable, fuzzy black friends instead? If that’s more your speed, then you should meet Ana and Layla.

Six-year-old Layla came to us after residing for several years as an office cat for a local business, and she has settled in nicely to her new surrounds. Layla LOVES to be outside on the Advocates’ enclosed catio, but is always quick to come inside to for some pets and treats!

She is often joined on the catio by her pal Ana, who was found as a stray along with her 7 kittens (all adopted). Not quite 2-years-old, Ana is a bit reluctant to trust people, but quickly latched on to Layla and will join her in accepting petting and treats from humans.

A special Valentine’s Day adoption rate is available to anyone who opens their home to both of these adorable black floofs.

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