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Long-time volunteers are the foundation of Animal Advocates’ current and future success

Prior to her involvement with Advocates, Priscilla worked with a few other animal rescue groups but credits her tenure to the “wonderful, free-roaming” environment at Animal Advocates and the peace of mind that comes with knowing any animal that comes in will stay until it is adopted or passes on.

Tuesday afternoons find Cathy and June in the Animal Advocates Thrift Shop, both of whom have been volunteers for more than 20 years. Originally a cat care volunteer, Cathy also trapped and vetted cats in and around the Advocates’ building.

June (left) and Cathy in the shop.

Over the years, she was on the Board of Directors and served as Treasurer, but is happy now working in the Thrift Shop. The camaraderie and the mission of saving animals is what keeps Cathy active.

“This is very rewarding,” she said. “We do make a dent, and when we make a big sale in the shop, I tell myself ‘we have paid for an animal to be spayed.’”

June’s desire to have a little shop of her own is what initially brought her to Animal Advocates, but her love of animals is what keeps her there. “At first, I just sat behind the counter, then one day I cleaned some glasses and they sold right away. So I try to make things better to increase sales and benefit the animals.”

Alan was driving along Forbes Avenue in the mid-1990’s when he saw a billboard for Animal Advocates and began volunteering. He took a hiatus but returned with his family more than 10 years ago when his daughter wanted to become involved. Alan has worked in the Thrift Shop, served on the Board and fostered animals. Now, he and his family handle Wednesday morning cat care.

I’m always happy when a cat with special needs or a long-term resident gets adopted.

“It’s nice to see the cats and I’m always happy when a cat with special needs or a long-term resident gets adopted.” Before the organization was rescuing and rehoming animals, and even before there was a building, Patty was an active volunteer. Once the building was acquired in 1992, she stepped up for cat care when a cat was left over the holidays and never picked up.

After that, the number of cats at the building grew quickly. Over the years, Patty has been active in just about every aspect of running Animal Advocates and has been solely responsible for adding dogs to the rescue. While she wishes for more dog fosters, Patty is optimistic about the future.

“We have truly committed, younger people, which is good,” she said. With over 100 years of experience with Animal Advocates, these volunteers plan to continue as long as they are able. They all encourage animal lovers to consider joining Animal Advocates, whether it’s working in the thrift shop, fostering, or taking on a cat care shift.

“Find out what works for you,” Alan advises. “It’s a small organization with a lot of flexibility; there are lots of ways to help. It can be a screwed-up world, yet you can spend a couple hours a week in a family-friendly environment doing some good.”

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