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Senior-to-Senior Spotlight: Chloe, Lucy & Eddie

March 2022 – Animal Advocates Newsletter

We currently have three Super Seniors that would love nothing more than to spend their golden years snuggling with a loving companion.

Chloe, Lucy and Eddie are all available as part of our Senior-to-Senior Foster program, which encourages senior citizens to enhance their wellbeing with a companion animal while Animal Advocates covers the cost of vet care and basic food and supplies.

Chloe is an 11-year-old terrier mix who has been in foster care for a while. She recently overcame a health scare, but thankfully those suspicious lumps that looked like cancer turned out to be benign. She is now ready for her next chapter …Will you be part of her story?

11-year-old Lucy retired to Animal Advocates after living at a business in the Pittsburgh’s West End until it was sold. Lucy is shy but sweet, and she enjoys chasing wand toys, and LOVES canned food and watching birds out the window. Will you be her retirement companion?

Eddie is a shih-tzu that we think is around 15-years-old. Poor Eddie came to us in poor condition when his elderly guardian passed away. Thanks to some great foster and vet care, good diet, and lots of TLC, he’s made quite a turnaround. Help make Eddie’s next chapter his best yet!

If you or someone you know is an animal lover who could benefit from participating in the Senior-to-Senior Foster program, visit the link below to learn more and complete the Senior-to-Senior application.

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