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A Brief Ray of Sunshine

In his short time with Animal Advocates, Raymond found love of his own, and had an outsized impact

Raymond’s rescue is a perfect representation of what sets Animal Advocates apart. He was rescued from the January cold by dedicated volunteer Rachel, who spotted a dirty, distressed and disoriented Raymond in a driveway and took him inside. He was having difficulty walking and it soon became clear that Raymond was both visually and hearing impaired. Rachel quickly contacted the cat team and brought him to be held overnight in the cat apartment.

Once in a pen, Raymond mustered the strength to eat and drink, but it was uncertain that he would make it through the night. Once examined by a vet, it became clear how dire Raymond’s situation was.

Estimated to be roughly 15 years old, he was blind, the result of extremely high blood pressure. He was not deaf, but his ears were so filled with dirt that he could not hear. Tests revealed that he was anemic and suffering from kidney disease.

His situation stabilized as Advocates volunteers began administering his medications. His hearing returned and his blood pressure decreased. After a few weeks, Raymond was fostered by Dana, another dedicated volunteer who hoped to give him a comfortable home.

How many days Raymond had left was anyone’s guess. As the weeks passed, he became more comfortable in his new foster home, enjoying catnip and snuggling with his new human.

Eventually, Raymond’s age and health issues caught up with him. In pain and struggling with accidents, it was time for Raymond to cross the rainbow bridge. While sad, knowing that Raymond lived an additional nine months surrounded by love and happiness made the entire struggle worthwhile.

Raymond died happy, and with dignity. “We gave him a lifetime of love in the nine months he was an Advocates cat,” Rachel recalled.

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