Mimi and Friend

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You can make a difference for animals!

We are looking for volunteers who can work in our shop, socialize with the cats, do vet runs, foster pets or participate in our off site events.

We are a small but very active group based in Pittsburgh’s West End, just off of I-276 and Rt 51. Most of our animals are home fostered, but we do have a small number of cats in our office upstairs. On the ground floor we have a resale shop where we sell collectables, gently used clothes, decorative housewares, and pet items. We also do a fair amount of animal advocacy work and community outreach. Unlike many larger shelters or organizations, we welcome initiative, input, involvement and creativity from our volunteers and are not hampered by rigid structures.

Contact us at:

412 928-9777


Animal Foster:

Most of our animals are in foster homes. If you can temporarily foster a dog or cat until a permanent home is, you not only save a life, but increase the probability for a successful adoption. Pets that remain in homes rather than warehoused in shelters suffer from less stress and behavioral issues that make otherwise highly adoptable animals from being labeled “unadoptable”. Fostering is especially suitable for families and students who are not sure if the can commit to the long term responsibility of owning a pet. Animal Advocates provides all veterinary treatment. All foster families have a dedicated volunteer coordinator working to find the pet a home and answer any questions by the foster family.

Cat Caretakers:

Volunteers come to Animal Advocates twice a day to take care of the cats, feed, groom and socialize with them. Hours are very flexible. We also need people who can take animals to the vets for shots, spaying/neutering and other care.

Resale Shop:

We have a small, unique resale shop which provides the largest single source of revenue for our rescue and other activities. Volunteers are needed to staff the shop and to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our new and regular customers.

Special Events:

We have off site adoption events as well as other happenings thoughout the year, such as Veggie Fest, seminars, dinners and fundraisers. We need “can do” volunteers who can plan, publicize and staff these events.


We need volunteers to take our animals to and from the vet and to pick up animals being transferred from other shelters.


Are you a handyman? Vet tech? Teacher? Or have any other special skills or experience? As an all volunteer organization we welcome dedicated individuals who want to share their talents with us.

Community Outreach and Advocacy:

We reach out to various municipalities and neighborhoods to control the feral cat population by helping establish TNR – trap, neuter, release – programs and maintain healthy feeding colonies. We also help owners to resolve various complaints and problems and recommend trainers, lawyers and other professionals.

Animal Rights:

We are active on the local level to increase the humane treatment of animals, reduce animal suffering and promote humane lifestyle options

Keep Us Going:

Being an all volunteer organization we need people to do things that paid staff do in other shelters: help with our newsletter, return phone calls, maintain our donor database, train other volunteers, and much more!