Mighty Midnight the Ultimate Survivor

April 22 update: Big THANKS to all who have donated on line and through the mail to little Midnight's care and recovery. He's a trooper and is doing amazingly well. His wounds and dislocated jaw are healing. He's managing fine with just one beautiful, big brown eye. He's gaining some much needed weight and despite his 3 weeks ordeal running, being shot with BBs and being hit by a car, he's outgoing, affectionate and very loving, charming everybody he meets. And the best news is that he now has an exceptionally loving home with a special adopter. His adopter was one of the most dedicated and determined people on the search party. They were out day and night for 3 weeks, posting flyers, following every lead to find him and hoping against hope that he would be found safe. The Easter Bunny holding Midnight in one of the attached photos is his new mother !

Midnight says, "Thanks for helping me. Happy Easter to all !"



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At last he's found ! It was 3 agonizing weeks that Midnight was lost. A dedicated and determined team of volunteers was out searching, fielding sighting calls, planning trapping, doing all possible to find him and bring him to safety. Midnight was not cooperating. Over the 3 weeks there were sightings in Beltzhoover, Arlington, Mt Oliver, Mt Washington and maybe Beechview. Each time we got to an area where he'd been seen he had moved on. He's tiny, dark colored and he's a fast mover.

Sunday evening we were getting calls that he was seen headed out of the wooded area on the Mt. Washington side toward 51. Searchers went to the area. Then what we had dreaded happened, he ventured onto Rt 51 and was immediately hit by a car. A couple of good Samaritans picked him up and rushed him to PVSEC.

Tough little Midnight survived but he's suffered significant injuries. He lost his left eye, has a dislocated jaw, a bb shot under the skin on his head and cuts and abrasions all over his body. The vet thought some of those might be old injuries from his 3 weeks on the run, not from the car encounter.

Midnight is in the hospital. He is making good progress, eating a slurry of soft food, going for very short walks and enjoying care and cuddling from the hospital staff who love him and think he's adorable despite his missing eye and funny haircut. There are not words to express the gratitude due the intrepid team known as the Midnight Seekers. If I try to thank everybody by name I'll surely miss somebody, but you know who you are and I know that Midnight being safe is your true reward. We also offer big THANKS to Abby and Hector, the couple who saw Midnight get hit and rushed him to the emergency vet.

As animal people and caregivers I'm sure you all know how expensive vet care, especially emergency care can be. Please see the link below to Midnight's fundraiser.


Donations can also be sent to :

Animal Advocates, P.O. Box 8480, Pgh, PA 15220. Please let us know that they are for Midnight. Thank you.