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We are not a shelter. Our rescued animals stay in volunteer foster homes until they find forever homes. We get to know them very well and do our best to make the best possible match for both animals and humans.

Rescued animals in our care are vet checked and any existing medical problems are treated. All animals are fully vaccinated, spay/neutered and microchipped. They are routinely treated for fleas and worms. Our contract specifies that adopted animals be kept as indoor companions, not in a basement, garage or kennel.

Our senior discount is 20% off the adoption fee for "ripened to perfection" cats and dogs 10 years old and over. Sometimes we have animals that are extremely bonded with each other and truly need to go home together. In these cases the adoption fee will be reduced. You must be 21 years old or over to adopt and the entire household (other animals included) must be part of the process. Please bring i.d. with proof of your current address.

If you rent please bring a copy of your lease, indicating that you are permitted to have companion animals.

We reserve the right to do a home visit.

Once an Animal AdvoCAT or DOG, always an Animal AdvoCAT or DOG: If for any reason at any time you are unable to keep a pet you have adopted from Animal Advocates, we will take the animal back into foster care.



Our cat adoption fee is $80 for a cat, kittens under 6 months are $100. We offer a special discount for cats or kittens adopted in pairs. Two adult cats adopted together are $120, two kittens adopted together are $150. A built in playmate and feline friend is a good idea for many cats and kittens.


Our dog adoption fee is $110.00, puppies up to 6 months are $160.00. Some dogs want or need to go home with a buddy. We offer a special discount for dogs/puppies adopted in pairs. Two adult dogs adopted together are $165, two puppies adopted together are $240.