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Long Live Maggarooo!

Remembering Maggie: From a Life Worth Saving to a Life Well Lived

The young lab mix was found wandering an industrial park in Ohio and taken to a low adoption shelter where she was named Jasmine. Eventually, Jasmine became Maggie after Animal Advocates pulled her from that shelter and brought her to the safety and comfort of a foster home.

Maggie was a beautiful dog –  statuesque and nicely muscled with a sleek, shiny black coat. Yet at heart she was mostly a sweet goofball. Her adopter, recognizing how special and unique she was, set up a twitter account for her, @Maggarooo.

Her adopter became not only Maggie’s guardian, but also her photographer as @Maggarooo exceeded 103,000 followers and made the cover of Dogue Magazine. She only grew more dear and beautiful with age.

Maggie died this year at age 15, 12 years after being adopted. That’s a long doggy life, and for Maggie a very full and happy one.

“Maggie captured the hearts of so many because she was pure love, especially in her golden years” said her adopter. “I am forever grateful to Animal Advocates for allowing me the privilege of caring for such a special girl. The work you do as volunteers truly makes the world a better place.”

We share this in memory and honor of a wonderful dog, and her equally wonderful guardian.

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