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Two Playful Pit Bulls and a Tiny Terrier Need your Help

April 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter

Sadie is a beautiful, loving and playful 4 year old female Pit Bull. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. Sadie comes to us from a caring family, but is now in need of a new home due to a divorce, moving, and new jobs.

Sadie loves people of all ages, sizes and varieties. Her family is deeply saddened that they need to find a new home for Sadie, and we can understand why. Sadie is not good with other animals, and wants to be an only dog and the center of her human family’s attention.

Meet Max, an adorable little 7-month-old terrier mix. Typical of terriers, Max is bright, lively, active and energetic. His current living situation is not a good match for his terrier activity level, temperament and intelligence.

He’s in a home with 4 small children, and a cat that Max loves to chase, but who wants no part of Max. This family realizes that they are not the right home for Max at the moment, so we’re seeking a dog savvy foster or forever home that can help Max realize his full potential to be the best and happiest little dog he can be.

Poor Titan is anxious and lonely. A Blue Nosed Pit Bull, Titan craves companionship and would love a home with people able to spend significant time with him. He was adopted from a not-so-great home where he developed anxiety, but with some added attention and love we think he could be much happier.

Titan loves to play outside, but when it’s time to settle down he loves to sleep too. He is good with other dogs and children, but cats are an unknown. Of course, a meeting with any other animals in the home would be necessary before placing Titan in foster or for adoption.

If you can open your heart and home to Sadie, Max or Titan, please email us at: animaladvocatespgh294@gmail.com

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