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Special Needs Pup Blu Requires Special Care

February 2021 – Animal Advocates Newsletter

Blu is a sweet, friendly little one with some special needs. At just a few weeks old, little Baby Blu was abandoned on a country lane in a box full of comforters.

Blu has a condition called cerebellar hyperplasia that makes him a little bit clumsy. It is not painful, and dogs with this condition can lead normal, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Blu is happy and healthy. He’s doing very well in a caring foster home, cuddling with his foster mother, playing with his resident doggy siblings. He walks, he runs, he wobbles, he falls; but Blu is determined and confident. He gets back up and tries again.

If you have the heart and the means, please donate to help Animal Advocates continue to support Blu’s medical care as he grows up!

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